Feel Good Foundations


A 5 week program for high performing women looking for a proven methodology to reconnect to their body and improve their wellbeing, without fad diets or gimmicks

No more copying and pasting cookie cutter wellness strategies that don’t work. It’s time to find your OWN blueprint.

Think of your body like any structure. If you were going to renovate a house, you would need to build a solid foundation before you could start putting furniture in and hanging up art. The same goes for your body.  To be able to see transformations that last, you need to have a strong foundation to build from. It’s time to press ctrl, alt delete and rebuild with intention


This is
for you if….

  • You’re tired of spending copious amounts of time and energy DIYing your health plan and playing wack-a-mole with your symptoms
  • You’re feeling puffy and fluffy no matter how much water you down
  • You’re ready to trade quick fixes for proven methods and frameworks that yield sustainable transformations
  •  Are ready to wake up everyday feeling energized and are excited to JUMP (yessss hunny, jump!) out of bed without relying on caffeine
  • You’re a boss bitch who is ready to ditch the quick fixes and build a strong foundation that will allow you to break the damn cycle of dieting

I know you’re a boss, boo!

You crush it at work, consistently going above and beyond to support others, butttt but can’t say the same for your health. Something just doesn’t click the same way. You do your research and try to put the pieces to together reach your goals yet..

  • You still feel confused and overwhelmed implementing a plan that ACTUALLY works
  • Even if your symptoms subside for a little bit, they eventually come back
  • Even though you notice your energy dropping, your face looks puffier everyday, and your bubble guts brewing, you keep sticking with the same routine and hacks you already know
  • You’re using hodge podged methods you’ve seen other Influencers use without really understanding the WHY behind it 
  • Every time you start to make some progress, you seem self sabotage yourself 

Does this cycle sound familiar?

The moment your alarm goes off, you’re already crossing things off your to do list. You wake up, glance at your phone and answer a few emails, shower, poop, have your coffee+quick breakfast (usually an on the go sammich of some kind) and start working

You promised yourself to go to the gym at lunch, but was pulled into an emergency meeting end up scarfin’ your lunch while you’re at your desk… but, at least it’s a salad! You drink some water, have another cup of coffee then decide you’re too tired for the gym today (plus your bubble guts are acting up) so you go home, pour a glass of wine, sit and opt for Netflix and take out, til you do it again tomorrow.

You’re probably like… damnnnn Nat, are you spying me? How did you knowwww?

Simple– because I was there once too. And this is the program I WISH I had. It would have saved me so much time, money and energy. And that’s exactly what I’ll help you do.

“Wellness” has become elusive AF. We all want it, and if you spend any amount of time on the inninet, you’re bombarded with123872342938 different ways to achieve it. A 21 day detox! A probiotic! Cryotherapy! Juice Cleanse! The latest fitfluencers “my spirit guides told me to tell you” hot tips. 

 You’ve probably tried one or two (or three or four) of these methods, only to be left still searching for the next thing that’s got to be the one. It leaves you wondering– if it worked for them, why isn’t it working for me? Shame based thoughts start to creep in like “nothing works for my body” “i’m a failure” “i must not be trying hard enough” “i should just accept this is how i’m going to feel” 


Here's the truth...


You’ve just been given ineffective methods to get you where you are trying to go. 

Feel Food Foundations is a 5 week group coaching program that will guide you to feeling fine AF from the inside out. You will:   

  • Learn proven methods to heal your gut, banish bloat, increase your energy and balance hormones 

  • Learn how to create a diet that works for YOU, without sacrificing flavor and feeling hungry 

  • Recalibrate your body and eliminate cravings that feel like they control you 

  • Find your food triggers and reset your system

  • Reframe your relationship with food, reset your body and reconnect to your innate power

  • Know the WHY behind your symptoms and how to support and trust your body from the inside out (so you never have to bat your eyes at another Fad Diet or detox tea again)

Imagine if…

You knew the exact foods that worked for your body 

You had the tools to shift your mindset around food and your relationship with you body 

You felt naturally energized and were able to ditch the bloat

You felt confident and connected to your body 

You could rely on tools and information that were rooted in science vs diet culture 

You could finally ditch those persistent symptoms because you addressed them from the ROOT cause #byebyetums

I know you're wondering...

What makes YOUUU different from every other ‘wellnessprenour’??


Hi you magical human you 

I’m Natalie, and the short answer is, because I was you! 

My path to becoming a Nutritional Therapist (and creating this program) was due to my own health issues that began as early as preschool. I was diagnosed with allergies and eczema, but those eventually evolved into more severe symptoms and sensitivities leading to leaky gut, hormone imbalances, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and many other “random” symptoms.

Even though my symptoms were pretty severe, I still managed to crush it at work at high paced tech companies where I sustained myself off of coffee, start up life snacks and happy hours. 

I felt so uncomfortable and numb in my own body, I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. I desparately wanted to feel better, but was getting no where with Doctors who always had another pill to prescribe, but no answers. I eventually decided that if I couldn’t get answers from them, I would find some answers on my own. A few eat pray love moments later I left the corporate world and went back to school and became a Certified Nutritional Therapist. I was able to reverse my symptoms, restore my health and get my dang sparkle back.


That’s exactly what I help women do today. It’s my mission to help women connect back to their confidence, understand the why behind their symptoms, and ultimately feel empowered in their body vs trapped and controlled by it. 

...and here's what you'll gain:

Most programs or courses focus on ONE area to optimize. Or they provide tips that don’t stick because the foundations haven’t been addressed. Here, we focus on each piece of the puzzle so we can put them together to create a holistic transformation. This program is NOT just about nutrition. It also addresses movement, lifestyle changes, optimizing gut health, attention to daily routines, mindfulness and more.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Audit // Nutrition Foundations

Gut Stuff

Stress and hormone balancing

The big 3: Sleep, Movement and Mindset


Here's whats included

  • Weekly live Q&A calls
  • 6 modules dripped out weekly
  • Worksheets and resources for implementation
  • Private FB community to receive support and ask questions 
  •  Lifetime access to content 
  • Upgrade: Customized supplement recommendations 

So what do you say!?