I’m glad you found me! I do not believe in coincidences, so if you made your way here, know that we were supposed to find each other. Now, that we’ve been introduced, I’ll tell you a little bit more about myself and what inspires me to help other people find the most empowered versions of themselves. It starts with nutrition.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I didn’t chose nutrition, it chose me. When I was born (oh yes, from the beginning), I was born with allergies egg and nut that are pretty widespread in the standard american diet, but I also came out of the womb as a foodie. I have always had an appetite and LOVED everything about food. Not one to try to fit in anyway, not being able to eat eggs for breakfast and PB&J’s for lunch was OK because I had great alternatives. Instead of eggs for breakfast, I got to feast on pizza, hungry-man microwave meals (the ones with the brownie’s were a regular go-to) grilled cheese, pasta or Chinese food from the night before.

Around third grade, I started to develop some serious attention issues at school and was promptly put on ADHD medication. This was the start of a 10+ year cycle. Wake up, eat pizza with an ice cold soda for breakfast, take medicine, feel like a zombie, have terrible stomach upset, rinse and repeat.

As time went on, my allergy list continued to grow as my focus and mood continued to decline. This was all normal for me though, I genuinely thought everyone got a debilitating stomach ache after breakfast that lasted most of the day.  One of the pluses here though was that I had to get pretty creative with my diet. Allergen free products weren’t really around back then, so I started playing with alternatives which organically (no pun intended) led me to more clean, whole foods. However, this was still a small part of my diet, I was still eating about 90% processed foods, most of what I ate came out of a box.

By the time I hit college and was out of my mothers watchful eye, I did what any responsible 18 year old does and completely disregarded any rules I was supposed to follow in terms of diet. Rebel mentality all the way. No way I was not going to partake in the drinking, late night eating, and delicious mystery food served in the diner. I  started knowingly bombarded my body with things I knew it could not tolerate whilst unknowingly creating a degenerative chain of events inside my body that would affect me for years to come.

The rebel mentality + wanting my body operate like everyone else’s + depression created a perfect storm.  I fell hard down the rabbit whole of self medicating through drinking, drugging and food. I couldn’t see the way out or a way to change my behaviors, this was the only version of me I know how to be.

At 25 I got to a point where I was so sick of the cycle. My rebel side was sick of the status quo, I realized any change was up to me. Big changes needed to happen. Scary changes that would take me away from the life and friends I had created. Making these changes had to start with acknowledging that I loved myself  enough which was the hardest part, cause in many ways at the time I didn’t.

After some tough sit downs with myself and a few Eat Pray Love moments (I highly recommend Thailand and Myanmar), I decided to leave my job in the corporate world to go back to school. I enrolled in a science based nutrition program called Nutrition Therapy Institute where I learned just how much the food we put in our body effects not only how we feel physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I learned that my body was confined to stomach upset, scaly skin and prescription drugs to support my dopamine and serotonin. Battling invisible monsters has been a huge part of my journey but it was not until I really understood my body and the science that goes with it that I was able to create a huge a shift. Learning how to eat for my body (and mind.. thoughts are POWERFUL) has made me a more present, happier and engaged person in this world.

I know what it feels like to be stuck, turned off and confused, to be doing “all the right things” and see no changes (I’ve tried it ALL). I know what it feels like to feel suffocated by your brain…blame yourself for the way you are.

I also know that we are deeply dynamic individuals, and there is NO one size fits all approach. I don’t fit in a box (I’m a homebody that loves to travel, weight lifter that loves Yoga, a jungle seeker that loves a fluffy, luxurious bed, a book worm that never misses the newest episode of Real Housewives), and I don’t believe you should either.

And that’s how Happy Belly Wellness was created. The teacher (or Jewish mother tendencies) in me wants to share the information that helped me, with you. My hope for everyone I work with is that they are as curious as I was. That they are willing to get to know their body on the most intimate of levels, with me supporting you the whole time.

That’s the long-er version of my background. If you are think we would be a good fit, I can promise you our time together will be anything but boring.

Time to bring the sparkle back!






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